Tyrese keeps his stuff

    Tyrese Gibson’s estranged wife, Norma Gibson, might be leaving her marriage with what she came into it with: not much.
    TMZ.com reports that in 2008, Tyrese made about $77,946 a month, which comes to an estimated $935,352 pay off for the year. Norma made close to nothing; according to court documents, her only assets are listed as jewelry and paintings.
    The couple, who were only married for 10 months, are fighting over support. Tyrese pays Norma $6,230 a month currently.
    According to the 39-page prenuptial agreement she signed, Norma gets $50,000 for every year she was married to Tyrese. However,
    TMZ reports, she doesn’t have any claim to his possessions.
    But here’s the kicker: Under the agreement, Norma would have to move out if either she or Tyrese filed for separation or divorce. She’d have 60 days to pack up; after that he could obtain a court order to make her leave the house.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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