Behind the scenes with Lil’ Kim

    Between “Dancing With The Stars” and shooting scenes for “Download” at Smashbox Studios, Lil’ Kim has been a busy bee.  This is the video that we told you that Kim was shooting a couple weeks ago while trying to squeeze in time for dance practice.
    “Download” is based off the song “Computer Love” by Zapp, so you know Kim had to bring on Uncle Charlie since he was featured on the original song.  But she wanted his blessing and she called to ask his permission to even record the song before she stepped into the booth.
    “I just smiled and said, ‘yes.’ This is going to be hot for her,” Charlie explained during a break in filming. “My part in the video is to sing all the licks I sang in the original version; singing like I always do.”
    “The concept of the video is very simple. … It’s very true to the song,” said Kim. The only thing we couldn’t understand about it was why some guys were making it rain on a laptop.
    “Download” will be full of cameos like Lil B (Ray J’s godsister) and LisaRaye, who also appeared with Kim in the video for “Them Girls” last month. However, T-Pain was noticeably missing from the shoot as he’d gotten into a golf cart accident that knocked out four of his teeth. Don’t worry: He got them fixed the same day.
    And watch out for Kim’s dance partner Derek Hough at the beginning. She’ll be cutting a rug with him on Monday’s episode of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” You can get a full recap of how they did, complete with videos, in our blogs section.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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