Chrisette Michele has an ‘Epiphany’

    Chrisette Michele dropped by XM Studios in Washington, D.C. for a brief, intimate concert, and S2S was front-row center for the whole thing.

    Miss Chris was definitely dressed for a studio session in her black ensemble, complete with a scarf and a leather jacket.  As hot as it was in Washington D.C. on April 27, we have to wonder how she wasn’t burning up in the spotlight!
    This was just one of many different radio stops to promote her new album, Epiphany. Chrisette explained that this project has a different tone than her debut CD.  “It’s a little tougher,” she said. That definitely came across on the makeshift stage because she, admittedly, puts a lot of emotion into her performances.
    “If it’s a happy song, I smile. If it’s an angry song, I want to punch somebody in the face,” said Chrisette. “But I take it out on music.”
    She started her four-song set with the title track off of Epiphany. The song tells the story of a woman who has finally had it with her beau staying out until morning and generally running around on her. The woman comes to realization that she’s “done being his girlfriend.” And, as Chrisette tells it, that’s consistent with the rest of the CD.
    “This album is a heartbreak album, and I never thought I’d sing heartbreak songs,” she shared with the small audience. However, a bad break up changed that and it came out through her music—with a little help from a producer, of course. “Ne-Yo kind of convinced me to have an epiphany in public,” she said.
    Even though she was sick on Monday, the small room resonated with her rich voice that’s tinged with undertones of Ella Fitzgerald. She used that to her advantage by doing some crazy-amazing scat riffs and adlibs during her set. But our favorite was when she did her impressions of K-Ci & Jo-Jo, John Legend and R.Kelly during “If I Have My Way.”
    “I’m gonna get in trouble for that one day,” she laughed at the end of the song. “They’re gonna call my father, talking about, ‘Did you hear what your daughter did?!’”
    She closed out the show with her newest single “What You Do.” The video for the song stars Pooch Hall of “The Game” as her leading man. As Chrisette describes it, it’s a track about showing love through your actions. “The way you treat someone defines how you love them,” she imparted.
    To get an idea of what we heard, pick up Epiphany when it drops May 5.



    — Sonya Eskridge






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