Tyra to testify against stalker

    Tyra Banks is set to face her stalker when she testifies against him.

    She will the take the stand Wednesday as a witness against Brady Green, for trying to get close to her, The New York Daily News reports.
    Brady’s lawyer, Sydney O’Hagen, argues that Brady is just an excited fan of the supermodel-turned-TV-host, and he was just trying to get tickets to “The Tyra Banks Show.”
    "She invites fans that are inspired by her show to reach out to her," Sydney said in her opening statements. "[Brady] was a fan, albeit perhaps an overzealous fan.”
    Prosecutors see it differently, though. They said that Brady’s own words and actions prove his guilt. Lawyers cite the fact that he had sent flowers and love letters to Tyra and willfully ignored police orders to keep away from the show’s studio in Manhattan.  They claim he even threatened the life of a production aide who wouldn’t give him the address to the studio.
    "You’re f***ing lying, I’m going to find you and slit your throat," Brady allegedly shouted at the woman.
    Eventually, he snuck into a studio that Tyra had shot an episode in during March 2008. When police arrested him, they claim he said that he was under surveillance. "I’ve got satellites watching me and recording us," he reportedly said.
    Tyra, who has said she has no idea who Brady is, told cops that she has been scared by increased attempts to reach her.
    Brady faces 90 days in jail if convicted on misdemeanor charges of stalking and harassment.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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