Weave & the celeb

    Most of us assume that our favorite stars walk around with permanent weave face (you know what we mean: eyes cinched upward because of tightly braided tracks), but they’d really love for us to believe the hair is all theirs.

    This really became clear to us when we watched Friday’s episode of "The Oprah Show." The Ruler of Television was answering questions posed to her via Twitter and one was about her weave. This, apparently, was the wrong thing to say to Lady O, who promptly posted a pic of herself, supposedly taken before she gets her hair done and weaveless. You be the judge:


    Which got us to thinking: What other celebs (or their ardent fans) desperately want us to believe they’re rocking their natural hair? Check out these pics of stars with hair that might-could-be theirs.


    : Stans of the superstar always point to pics like this to prove that Bey is hiding some serious hair poundage under her lacefronts. What do you think?














    Erykah Badu: Just because it’s nappy, doesn’t mean it’s all hers. We seriously doubt this humongous ‘fro is growing from
    E’s head.










    Rihanna: Celebs don’t just wear weave for length: texture and fullness, or to protect their real hair are all great reasons for them to weave it up. So, while this may be Rihanna’s real hair, the diva probably rocks tracks pretty consistently.














    –Whitney Teal


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