Ciara, Beyoncé bring poms back

    Superstar Ciara was seen traipsing around London with a slick ponytail and a foot-high pompadour.

    Normally, we’d chalk up a look like this to retro whimsy and keep it moving, but so many other stars have sported the rounded hair domes that we had to ask: Are pompadours making a comeback?











    In case you’re wondering who we’re talking about, here are some of the divas who’ve elevated their hairstyles:





















    Janelle Monae
















    Amy Winehouse















    The style has been popular with Black women for a while now; we even remember our moms sporting the look in the early 90s. The name originated from Madamede Pompadour, a mistress of French King Louis XV who, to our knowledge, never wore the style. It’s been a favorite of both men and women since the 1950’s with stars as diverse as Elvis Presley, Gwen Stefani and our own CiCi interpreting the look.

    If you want to try it, you have lots of options, from putting a little volume in your wrap, like Beyoncé, or adding height to your pony like Ciara, or even going full-on Elvis like Janelle. What you’ll need for all of those are a good brush with natural bristles, a large comb, hair pins and some sort of pomade to tame your hairline. We like Carol’s Daughter’s kizzie "stay put" pomade ($9.50, Dillards) or Let’s Jam Shine Conditioning Gel (about $3, drugstores).

    Follow these steps to step your pomp game up:

    1. Part your hair from ear to ear. Comb the back half down, or twist it into a clip to get it out of your way.

    2. Apply a little pomade to your hairline and brush it through on each side. If you want a really sleek look, secure a satin scarf around your head and let the pomade dry before finishing up your ‘do.

    3. Comb the front section of your hair (the hair that grows right near your forehead) up and then back over the crown of your head. Use your comb to tease the hair from the back, and then comb up and over in the front until you get the desired height. Secure with pins.

    4. Style the back of your hair by either securing a ponytail, or combing it down.



    — Whitney Teal


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