‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 28

    Team Tango vs. Team Mambo
    We have to say we definitely liked Monday’s choice of music for the group dance waaay better than last week’s psychedelic song.
    The stars split off into the teams last night for a group dance-off. It was Team Mambo versus Team Tango, but who would come out on top?
    The top three teams from last Monday had to dance the Mambo, while the Kim, Ty Murray and Gilles Marini worked on the Tango.
    The pressure was on to stay in step this time around because the group’s score would be applied to all of its members. This meant that a team was only as strong as its weakest dancer.
    We think both teams did well, but we’ve seen each individual pair do much better. Either way, their dances were fun to watch, so we’ll let you watch how the stars got down. But first, a warning: Be prepared to see big men biting Beyoncé’s swag.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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