Chris Brown’s lawyer seeks case dimissal

    The ruling in Chris Brown’s felony assault case could depend on a leaked photo. released the photo of Rihanna’s injuries, which were a result of her alleged fight with Chris on February 8. They obtained the picture from the Los Angeles Police Department.
    Now, Mark Geragos, Chris’ lawyer, wants access to an internal investigation at the LAPD that’s trying to discover how the photo was initially leaked, the New York Daily News reports.
    Mark made the motion during a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on April 29. He said the outcome of his request could lead to a mistrial if it showed "misconduct and/or bias."
    According to sources, the photo leak could be criminal and effect Chris’ plea negotiations with prosecutors.
    Chris’ lawyer is due in court on May 28, and then he has to prepare for an evidence hearing on June 5.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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