‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 29 results

    Lil’ Kim didn’t have to sweat it out for long on Tuesday night’s episode of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.”
    She and Team Tango started the show with an encore of their performance to “Womanizer.” This time she was able to correct last night’s missteps.
    The judges choose the opening number for each results show, and this was the fifth time that Kim has had (or shared) the honor. We guess that means she’s doing something right!
    After that, it was a short night for K.I.M. because she and her partner, Derek Hough, were saved first. The rest of the show was still very entertaining, though. Robin Thicke came out to perform twice during the show. We looove his music, so we definitely had to stick around and watch.
    For his first song, song he went back to his first album and performed “When I Get You Alone.” While that song always makes us two-step on the inside, the performance was a little flat. Maybe he though he didn’t have to do too much since the dancers would be tipping and twirling around in front of him. Anyway, we’re glad he was able to pick it up for the next song he did, “Sidestep.”
    We also enjoyed the celebrity endorsement spoofs that were sprinkled throughout the show. Our favorite though was a clip called “Ballroom Dancers of Genius,” which saluted Mr. Put-my-career-aside-to-become-a-celebrity-dancer guy.
    Lil’ Kim may have gone hard for hip-hop at one time, but the competition has changed that.  “Sure you were a hardcore rapper,”the announcer said of Kim. “Now the only thing hardcore about you is your Paso Doble.”
    Laugh if you will (we did), but her Paso was on point Monday night!
    Of course the pros couldn’t be left out; they did a commercial for PETD (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dancers), saying they’d “rather go naked than see another dancer be hurt.” It was funny, but we could have done without the wideshots. All we’ll say is: Thank God for disco balls!
    But, because this was still an elimination episode, someone did have to go home. In the end, the judges had to take back Chuck Wicks dance card as he and Julianne Hough were cut from the competition.
    Now, it’s down to the final five: Lil’ Kim, Shawn Johnson,Ty Murray, Gilles Marini and Melissa Rycroft. All of them have been called contenders, but who’s going to shine next week. Find out when ABC airs “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday night at 8 p.m. EST.



    — Sonya Eskridge


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