Dawn Richards’s into dirty money

    Dawn Richard dishes about her new group, her ma, her new hairstyle and the drama during her reunion with Danity Kane.

    In a recent interview with Bossip, Dawn Richard spilled the beans about everything from her love for Que to moving on from Danity Kane to the Dirty Money Crew.
    As Dawn goes forward with the DMC and its work on Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris”, she’s helping to usher in a new sound called “Train Music.” She describes it as being an epic yet spiritual movement that is both fast and slow and offers an emotional experience. To be technical, some may consider it to be Puff’s urban spin on electronica.
    Looking for a fresh start, the singer has opted for a cropped ‘do to go along with her new game plan.
    “It’s a new flavor and I think [Diddy] wants to separate me from whatever I was with Danity Kane,” Dawn told Bossip. “We’re moving forward in a positive light. It was a good look and I love it.”
    Considering all this group talk has already been done, inquiring minds want to know if the last woman standing has a solo career on her agenda. For now, she is just having a good time with being proactive.
    “I think it should not be forced. I’ll let it happen when it happens,” she said.
    For those who did not see the “Making The Band 4” season final, you missed quite a show. And the Internet was buzzing with comments surrounding the Danity Kane versus Dawn fiasco the next day. Either way, Dawn doesn’t have the time or the energy to be stuck on all that.
    “I was on some positive stuff. I wasn’t even paying attention,” she said. “I think that people need to see what’s in front of them, accept it, and move forward. I was happy that they were moving forward.”
    When asked about the rumors swirling around Que and his questionable sexual orientation, she plainly stated, “I wouldn’t be with Que if he was gay.” To further drive home her point, she shared that if the apple of her eye were to ask her to marry him the next day, she would agree without any hesitation.
    Aside from re-stepping into the spotlight as a performer, Dawn said she would love to continue to hone her lyrical skills. She is currently writing music for Cassie as well as “Last Train to Paris”, but she isn’t stopping there.
    “I know that Rihanna’s in the studio and I would love to get in on a piece of that album. It’s a hustle and I’m always hustling,” Dawn explained.
    But don’t be fooled; just because Dawn has an unspoken love for music, doesn’t mean she plans on being a one-trick pony. She is trying her hand at the comic book world with DanityKanecomics.com, and she’s willing and ready to accept any other opportunities that may arise.



    – Nadia Rodriguez




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