Shecky’s Girls Night Out: the recap

    Shecky’s Girls Night Out, for all those that don’t know, is a huge, blowout shopping event that hits tons of cities each year.

    The gist is that women buy tickets and in turn are given a fantabulous gift bag (more on those later), free drinks and access to all of the discounted duds.

    We attended the Washington, D.C. soiree in DAR Constitution Hall on Friday, April 24. Not really knowing what to expect, both of us (Senior Editor Ericka Boston and I) were surprised to see a line wrapped around the length of the humongous building. The tickets, which are $25 in advance and $35 at the door, must have sold like hotcakes to this yearly event.

    Once we got inside, the scene was not unlike an indoor bazaar, with booths cramming nearly every square foot of available space. The vendors for each Shecky’s city are an eclectic mix of local boutique owners, artisans from all over the country selling their handmade wares, big time beauty brands like Yes to Carrots and Arbonne International and even food vendors (we passed up the Cupcakes Gourmet people, who came all the way from Philly. Believe us, it was hard). 

    To help you shop, sponsors like Skyy Vodka, Midori and X-Rated Flavored Liqueur whipped up refreshing mixed drinks and Bud Light hosted a beer pairing lounge downstairs.

    The merch itself was, just like at any non-traditional retail environment, tricky. Some vendors were offering beautifully made jewelry (we each picked up some: I got an adorable dove necklace and a yellow flower ring while Ericka bought two pairs of earrings) and elegant maxi dresses, while other items were not so great.

    The best part about this scene was the prices. There was a stand offering designer sunglasses for less than half the retail price and another booth with Italian shoes and bags for under $100. Also, you have room to haggle. Unlike your neighborhood Macy’s, these retailers are flexible with the prices. We watched in amazement as a woman negotiated the price of her jewelry down, and Ericka was able to get about $10 off of her earrings just by making the seller an offer (she saved about 20 percent).

    When buying goods, be sure to get an email address or phone number for the vendor, in case you have to make a return.

    And even if you don’t find anything you like you’ll leave with a loaded gift bag–definitely the highlight of our night. Our bag had all kinds of goodies in it: two full-size tubes of Colgate toothpaste, samplings of Aveeno lotions, Goody ponytail holders, Nivea body wash, a Noxzema razor, a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Molten Chocolate cake (mmmm) and much more.

    To try out a Shecky’s night for yourself, visit their
    Website. Here’s a list of cities they’ll be hitting up next:

    • Miami – Apr. 30th-May 1st
    • Atlanta – May 6th-7th
    • San Diego – May 14th
    • Los Angeles – May 20th-21st
    • San Francisco – Jun. 17th-18th
    • New York City – Jun. 23rd-27th
    • Hamptons – Jul. 11th
    • Philadelphia – Jul. 22nd-23rd
    • Boston – Aug. 12th-14th
    • Chicago – Sep. 15th-17th
    • Washington, DC – Oct. 13th-15th
    • Dallas – Oct. 29th-30th
    • Houston – Nov. 5th-6th
    • Las Vegas – Summer ’09
    • St. Louis – Fall 2009


    — Whitney Teal


    All photos courtesy Shecky’s


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