Top 5 NBA cribs

    In honor of the NBA Playoffs (go Mavericks!) we’re taking a look at where the hottest b-ball players rest their heads.

    Dwight Howard
    : He’s only 23 years old, so the self-described "big kid" of the Orlando Magic’s home is right outside of Disney World. Fun features include a weight room, a two-sided fireplace, movie theater (which plays movies like Finding Nemo) and lots of stuffed animals.

    Shaquille O’Neal: The Phoenix Suns player got an unprecedented full 30-minute segment on the popular home show, "MTV Cribs." And he really, really needed it. His palatial Florida mansion was 64,000 square feet and featured a movie theater, diving cliff, basketball court and even a cigar bar.

    Jason Kidd: The Kidd’s been to Dallas, Jersey and back to Dallas. We went a little retro with this clip from "MTV Cribs." It’s from Jason’s time with the New Jersey Nets and features the Saddle River, New Jersey oasis that he shared with then-wife Joumana. It was 8,000 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.


    Paul Pierce: The Boston Celtic seemed extra geeked to show off his Massachusetts home to Dime magazine in this clip. Besides being able to dribble basketballs in the house (Ha! Take that Mama!), he can workout in his private gym and listen to music wherever thanks to the all-over surround sound and built-in speakers. His crib is also the hangout spot for his buddies, who like to play cards, gamble and watch movies during his off time.



    Tracy McGrady: The Houston Rocket’s home is amazing and full of gifts from wife ClaRenda, including a personal spa and a personalized pool table. There’s also a huge pool with a waterslide (perfect for escaping the Southern heat), an indoor basketball court and a 12-seat movie theater.



    – Whitney Teal

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