Tupac spotted again?!

    Apparently, Tupac has got to be the busiest deceased man on record because he keeps popping up all over the place.

    TMZ reports that Pac was spotted at a bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans last weekend. They even provided some hastily snapped shots as “proof.” Too bad the photographer couldn’t get homeboy with his eyes open.
    If nothing else, the guy in the photos could have a career as an impersonator on lock. Check out the pic below and see what you think: fake or for real?




    Of course this hasn’t been the first time that Pac was spotted. Remember how he came out to support Weezy F. Baby at a concert back in March?


    Some believe that Pac faked his own passing. And fans have been looking for clues in his lyrics as to what may have become of the rapper after his shooting death. He’s been sighted everywhere from Mexico, to the Netherlands, to a Celtics game in Boston. One comedian even joked that he “saw Tupac on 42nd Street selling Biggie T-shirts—two for $10.”
    Then of course there’s the fact that Tupac popped up on one of Keyshia Cole’s most recent songs, “Playa Cardz Right.” Not to mention, he’s also got a bunch of Twitter blogs. Hmm…maybe Dave Chappelle was onto something in this clip.  





    – Sonya Eskridge




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