Tyra’s stalker found guilty

    A judge has ruled that a man from Georgia is guilty of stalking Tyra Banks.

    Tyra testified April 29 that Brady Green’s increasingly intense efforts to get to her made her fear for her safety and her staff’s.
    E! Online reports that James Burke, a Manhattan Criminal Court judge, convicted Brady on charges of stalking, criminal trespass, harassment and attempted aggravated harassment.
    Brady’s lawyer argued that he was nothing more than an overzealous fan that was just trying to reach his idol. However, Judge James didn’t see it that way and said that was Brady did what "knowingly and inherently invalid and the behavior was hounding."
    Now, Brady faces up to 90 days in jail, but he could avoid time behind bars if he seeks help—just not in New York City.
    "Put Mr. Green in a location where he can thrive," Judge James said, according to the
    New York Daily News. "And that location is not likely to be the city of New York."
    New York Post reports that Brady also has to get mental help.
    Defense attorney Jeffry Berman was less than pleased with the judge’s decision. "I’m disappointed with the verdict, but I’m glad the judge did not send him to jail," he said.

    Sentencing in the case is scheduled for June 18.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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