Celebrity court fashion: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Tyra Banks recently faced her stalker in court looking amazing, but some of her fellow stars’ choices haven’t been so wise. Now we’re taking a look at celebrity court fashion: the good, the bad and the hideous.

    Tyra Banks: We really felt for the princess of daytime talk as she bravely faced her stalker in court this week. She looked lovely doing it too, wearing an elegant khaki-colored, belted shirt-dress with tortoise shell sunglasses and a camel clutch. This, ladies and gents, is how you do courtroom fashion.















    Remy Ma: On the other hand, Remy Ma actually looked a judge in the eye while wearing this. The tightly curled bob, tight white pants (with a heart-shaped keychain hanging off of them) and blue boots (what is that? velvet?!) had us shaking our head when she was heading to court on a shooting charge.













    Lil Kim: Fellow rapper Kim knew how to pull it together when faced with perjury charges in a Manhattan Federal Court. She rocked a professional vest-pant combo, along with a matching coat, to one of her court dates.












    Chris Brown: When it comes to men’s court fashion, C. Breezy sets the standard. When showed up in court for allegedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna, he kept it conservative with a tweed suit and tie. All of his tattoos were covered, but he apparently couldn’t give up the diamond rock in each of ears.











    Tracy Morgan: Word to the wise, Tracy: When you’re going to court for a DUI, it’s best not to show up looking both hungover and drunk (is that physically possible?). T. Mo just looks sloppy and confused in these pics. And so does his white button-down and jeans combo.











    50 Cent: What do we say about Fif? While it’s true that he wasn’t really the one on trial (he was in court to argue that his son’s mother should not get an increase in child support), we still would have advised him to leave the Pied Piper hat at home and tuck that big, blinged-out chain under his shirt.











    — Whitney Teal


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