Farrah doesn’t find love

    Farrah Franklin, formerly of Destiny’s Child, is looking for love, and she’s done well enough for herself to enlist the help of Patti Stanger from Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”
    For those not in the know, Patti only takes on clients with at least a milli to their name. Farrah wasn’t in DC that long, so where did she come up with all that money? Well, it looks like she saved up enough during her days with Destiny to start her own production company. And she’s taken on a few acting gigs while continuing her career as a singer-songwriter. Apparently, she’s working on a solo album now.
    Since leaving the mainstream, Farrah hasn’t exactly had the best luck with relationships; one guy even cheated on her. Patti said that’s caused her to put up a wall and Farrah agreed.
    “It’s hard for me to open up to people—men especially,” she said.
    As any good matchmaker would, Patti scouted out some guys that are best suited for her client. Then she set up a mixer for Farrah to meet all the eligible bachelors that Patti had lined up; but the party started on a sour note as Miss Farrah was nearly four hours late to the party. When she got there Patti had a few choice words for her. You can’t hurry love, but apparently, you better not make it wait.
    In the end, Farrah picked Chris, an engineer from San Diego, and their date (beach volleyball and dinner) seemed to be going well. Sadly, things didn’t work out after Chris admitted that he’d stepped out on his last girlfriend. But here’s the thing: She was thinking about seeing him again anyway!
    But you know that Patti had to snap her back to reality. “When a guys says he cheats, walk away,” she advised. Eventually, Farrah listened. For now, she’s working on being more open and continuing her search for Mr. Right.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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