Cici’s keeping Chris on her ‘Fantasy Ride’

    Ciara is sticking by Chris Brown and their duet on her new album.
    In the aftermath of his alleged fight with Rihanna back in February, Chris has lost a lot of support and business opportunities. However, Ciara has decided to keep their song “Turntables” on Fantasy Ride, which drops tomorrow, May 5.
    "Honestly, with that record, it’s just more about the music for me," Ciara told MTV News. "I wanted to focus on the music and leave it at that, because it’s a record that I’ve had for a while. I love the way it sounds and it’s one of my most favorite records on the album. And if I alter it, it’s not gonna sound the same. So for me, really it’s nothing more than about the music, so I kept it there.”
    According to Cici, her camp was in favor of keeping the track on the album because they understand why she chose to do so. When weighing whether to keep “Turntables,” Ciara stayed objective, and she put it up to the same test as any other prospective song for the album.
    "In the decision-making process for the records, once you get down to the last few days, that’s when you kind of know,” she said. “It definitely took time, but [the question was] more if the record made sense for the album, period.”
    In the end, Ciara’s glad she kept the duet on Fantasy Ride because, to her, it just fits well on the CD.
    “When you listen to the album, from the beginning to the end, it feels good to you, and it just felt good to me. I could try to do it a different way and I even had moments where I played with it a little bit, but it didn’t feel right,” said Ciara. “So it’s all about what feels good to me, so that’s why I kept it.”

    — Sonya Eskridge

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