‘The Game’ creator is job hunting


    Mara Brock Akil, creator of "The Game" and "Girlfriends" is job hunting, according to her blog on Rushmore Drive.

    While fans of the popular CW comedy anxiously await news of whether Executive Producer Mara and her team will be able to restructure the half-hour comedy into an hour-long dramedy, Mara’s busy scouting out back-up gigs.

    "I had my first job interview in nine years the other day," she wrote on her Rushmore Drive blog.  "Just in case The CW does really cancel ‘The Game,’ I need to staff on someone else’s show."

    After a scan of her latest blog post, we can tell that Mara’s pretty upset that her decade-plus career in the TV biz still finds her scrambling for the next paycheck.

    "Because after a 13-year-career in this business–from a Writer’s Trainee on ‘South Central,’ a Staff Writer, on up to Producer on ‘Moesha,’ a stint as a Supervising Producer on ‘The Jamie Foxx Show,’" wrote Mara. "And after eight successful seasons of ‘Girlfriends’ and now three successful seasons of ‘The Game’– I have to hustle for another job, another show."

    According to Mara, another person (specifically a White man) with that kind of impressive resume would have been offered a development deal with a network, not a staff position on another show.

    "I’m mad, frustrated and disappointed that my veteran experience, which includes running ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘The Game’ for two years at the same time, doesn’t equal a cushy overall development deal somewhere," she lamented. "Like my White male, and sometimes female, counterparts seem to land even in this time of economic crisis."

    Well, we’re even more mad that Mrs. Akil didn’t give up the goods on what show she interviewed with. Since there aren’t any Black shows on the air (except for her’s), we assume it was one of the White half-hour comedies out there–"30 Rock," or "Parks and Recreation," maybe?

    But the television producer didn’t end her rant on a bad note.

    "But now I’m back.  Back better than ever," she cheered. "Back to prove that this Black woman can stay in the game long enough for the tide to turn and this industry to see the value in our images." And, finally, "Go get ‘em ladies, because I’m sure enough going to get mine," Mara closed.

    She also mentioned that she and husband-director Salim Akil are writing a pilot for NBC and developing and pitching a Showtime series. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!



    — Whitney Teal

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