‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: May 5

    The Bionic Booty returns for the Salsa
    Kim always sets the bar high when it comes to Latin dances. The judges know they’re always in for a show when she steps on stage.
    “If this Salsa isn’t fantastic, I’m going to rush off and pickle me walnuts,” judge Len said. We don’t know what that means, and we won’t even try to guess. 
    Anyway, this time was no different as Derek had a few innovative tricks planned to bring some heat to the Salsa.
    “We’re getting to that stage where we have to push the limit. We have to be a little bit more ambitious in order to make it to the semi-final,” Derek said.
    “I am so excited to bring back the bionic booty,” Kim squealed. “I’m gonna shake it like a salt shaker—or pepper shaker.”
    We know that’s some familiar territory for her, so she’d have no problem in that department. But the Latin round presented an extra challenge, every star had to do a 15-second solo and show the world what they’ve really learned.
    Kim and Derek came out swinging…or shaking, in this case.  Their Salsa started strong as she dropped down into a split. What they lacked with their Waltz, they made up for in this performance.
    They pulled out all the stops for their Salsa! Kim brought it with a Beyoncé drop, and kept her beads swinging from beginning to end. But we were most impressed with that floor fall she and Derek did.
    Then there was that kick he did over her head, we thought he might have whacked her but it was all part of the show.
    As expected that fantastic spectacle earned them a standing ovation and some strong audience favor.

    Although the judges all thought Kim had a few control issues with her Salsa they still loved what she did.
    "You’re in your element,” said Bruno. “Your booty can do no wrong!”
    “Not in the history of this show have I ever seen a booty shake like that,” Carrie Ann exclaimed.  However, she got booed when she made some more technical critiques of the couple.
    And Len thought that Kim and the Salsa went together like Spotted Dick and custard (that’s an English dish).
    Kim and Derek’s extra-spicy Salsa earned them a 27 out of 30 (we thought they would have scored better). Find out if that will be enough to let them shimmy their way to the semi-finals tonight when ABC airs “Dancing With The Stars: The Results” tonight at 9 p.m. EST.



    – Sonya Eskridge


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