Lil’ Kim pays tribute to Internet hook-ups

    Lil’ Kim is getting lots of computer love in the video for her new single, “Download,” featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson.

    The clip is packed with star power thanks to all the talent in the song and on the screen.  
    LisaRaye has a prominent cameo in the video, which is
    her second with Kim.  LisaRaye’s on-screen son, Khamani Griffin, was also in the video giving grown folks a perfect demonstration on why you don’t leave your laptop open around kids.
    The Bionic Booty’s dance partner, Derek Hough, also made an appearance in “Download.” He was on set at Smashbox Studios so that he and Kim could practice their steps for the
    Viennese Waltz for "Dancing With The Stars." We guess the director decided to put him to work.
    And the director had a clever way to get around the fact that T-Pain couldn’t make it to the video shoot due to
    a golf cart accident.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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