Cassie admits to taking nude shots

    Cassie has come clean about nude photos that recently leaked onto the Internet.

    The singer immediately admitted on her Twitter blog that she was the girl in the topless pictures. She quickly went on the defensive and said that people don’t need to make a big deal about the snapshots.
    "It seems that someone has hacked into my computer," Cassie tweeted. "That’s real foul and evil. Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a t**** before."
    She made a more formal statement later on
    her website just before 5 a.m. today.
    “These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it’s sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it’s just evil,” she wrote.  “At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren’t the first you’ve seen and they won’t be the last. People need to grow up; let’s move on.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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