Eddie Griffin sued for bad check

    Eddie Griffin has been slapped with a lawsuit for supposedly writing a bad check to charity.

    The suit states that Eddie wrote a check for $150,000 and donated it to Jamaica 360, but that it bounced, TMZ.com reports. The organization sends Black college grads to Jamaica on career-building vacations.
    The complaint was filed by Samir Sayegh after he found out that the check, which funded his trip, was bad.
    That’s when things started to get complicated: Samir said that Eddie then tricked him into lending the comedian his credit card in order to cover the cost of Samir’s room. However, the victim alleges that Eddie actually took the card and secretly made a charge for $150,000 to Jamaica 360.
    Samir’s credit card company is now suing him for the $150,000 charge, and he’s suing Eddie and the charity to have them pay the bill.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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