Montel’s daughter lobbying for healthy lunches

    We know it’s been awhile, but think back to your last school lunch. Chances are, it was lumpy, brown and all kinds of unhealthy. And from the sound of things according to Wyntergrace Williams, daughter of television and radio host Montel Williams, things ain’t changed a bit.

    She’s teamed up with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and become a spokesperson for the Healthy School Lunch Campaign.

    And if Wyntergrace’s cafeteria stories are true, they have a lot of work to do. "At my school there’s not really a big option," said the Connecticut resident. "We have hot dogs, pizza. The hot dogs bounce on the floor." Sugary desserts are also plentiful at the public school that she attends: "For our dessert it’s ice cream, cookies, different types of desserts, but I don’t see any fruit there," Wyntergrace said.

    To help her with the cause, she’s enlisted the star power of fellow celeb kids Malia and Sasha Obama. In a letter dated April 29, Wyntergrace wrote, "I would love for you to join my campaign and sign my petition and encourage other students and families to follow our own and respective families’ lead." The letter cited the similarities between the two sets of famous kids: superstar dads, East Coast addresses and great relationships with their grandmoms.

    Besides signing the petition (which is already over 27,000 signors strong), Wyntergrace is interested in "as much support as possible. I’m trying to bring healthier foods into schools so, if they [the Obama girls] had any ideas that would be great."

    To stump for the campaign, Wyntergrace hit Capital Hill last week to gain Congressional support. "I think many people were shocked to see a 14-year old lobbying and asking Congress for healthier foods and actually try to improve our nation," she told us.

    During our phone conversation, Wyntergrace was passionate about the cause, telling S2S that although she’s been a vegetarian for three years now, she’s just looking for more options in school cafeterias, not necessarily a completely meat-free menu.

    "I think if there was just an alternative at the school lunches," she explained. Veggie burger options on hamburger day and meatless meatballs on spaghetti day were suggestions that she threw out.

    Young Wyntergrace might also have something in common with another Obama; she is interested in planting gardens at different schools to encourage healthy eating, just like Michelle did at the White House.

    See the commercial she filmed for PCRM and head to the Website for more information.

    –Whitney Teal

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