Hiding hammertoes

    The weather is warm and all you want to do after a long winter is show off your skin and feet. You get your obligatory pedicure, but all the buffing, scraping and painting in the world won’t erase the hyperpigmentation or corns or whatever else is going on south of your ankles. If only there were something that hid imperfections on the feet, the way that concealer erases facial problems. Well, say hello to T!ntalize.

    This product bills itself as "the premiere concealer for feet," which is odd since we’ve never even heard of any other brands! It was created by Allyson Carey, the top makeup artist for "The Bold and the Beautiful" and covers up corns, scars, blisters, veins and tan lines. It comes in seven different shades, each named with soap opera-like monikers including Bo and Danika. T!ntalize is also smudge, sweat and waterproof.

    Check out these before and after pics, courtesy NYMag.com’s fashion blog, The Cut:

    T!ntalizer ($15)


    — Whitney Teal

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