Wanda Sykes roasts the president

    Wanda Sykes went there with President Barack Obama during the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this weekend.

    Cracking jokes is what Wanda does best (especially about former president, George W. Bush), but this gig was a little tricky: She had to take shots at President Obama. That’s no easy task, but the comedienne took it in stride.
    “What’s there to be nervous about? If I do a great job, I get good press,” Wanda said. “If I screw up royally, Tim Geithner will give me a bonus!”
    Still, Wanda admitted that she had her work cut out for her because Barack is “so likeable.”
    “Even the media—you guys have been very favorable towards the president,” she mused before turning to President Obama. “It’s funny to me that they never caught you smoking, but they somehow always catch you with your shirt off. I know you’re into this transparency thing, but I don’t need to see your nipples.”
    Of course the evening wasn’t without its hecklers, but Wanda just brushed them off with, “You’ll be telling that one tomorrow.”
    The comedian also spoke on First Lady Michelle Obama and her much-disputed personal style.
    “How dare you people give her grief about bearing her arms. The country is broke; sleeves cost money,” Wanda said defending the first lady. “Some of the previous first ladies, they needed sleeves. Some of them needed ponchos!”
    Then Wanda asked her about the trip to England and Michelle patting Queen Elizabeth II on the back “like she was sliding into home.” But the first couple got a lot more flack for what they gave the aging figurehead.
    “Whose idea was it to give the queen an iPod?  What an awful idea,” she joked. “What is she going to do? Download Lady Gaga?”
    By the way, Michelle said it was Barack’s idea to give the monarch the musical gadget. Wanda suggested that a better gift for the queen would have been the state of Texas.
    We can’t repeat everything Wanda said, but you can check out the video below to see the rest of her set.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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