Dennis Rodman involved in restaurant brawl

    Dennis Rodman and his friends could have avoided a lot of trouble if they had just opted to pay a bill instead of throwing ’bows.
 reports that the former basketball player tried to pull a dine and dash with friends in Miami on Friday night.  The group ate up at a restaurant in the Gansevoort Hotel, running up a $1,000 tab.
    When Dennis and his friends tried to dip without settling up, a manager tried to stop the posse. A fight broke out when one of the player’s boys punched the manager in the face.  A $289,000 Lamborghini parked near the restaurant was also damaged in the scuffle.
    Police said they did respond to a fight about the call, but there’s no word on if the victim will press charges.
    The establishment agreed not to press charges if the group paid the bill, which they eventually did.  However, according to TMZ, Dennis slipped away during the commotion.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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