Tyra tackles ‘good hair’

    Tyra Banks is talking about the lengths that some women will go to get “good hair.”

    Today on “The Tyra Banks Show,” she’ll be talking to one woman who has had it with her chemical crusade for straight hair. Now, she’s thinking about going natural, which might also be good news for her credit score.
    “Over the years, I’ve damaged my hair really, really bad to the point that I can’t even wear it out unless I have it relaxed,” the woman said. “I have gone to the extreme of not paying a bill or two to get my hair done.”
    To help the woman make her decision, Tyra enlisted the help of three women who have different opinions on going natural. One even boasted that she has “white girl flow,” meaning she can swing her hair around.
    Tyra opted to rock some cornrows for today’s episode, which is a departure from her usual onset styles. We have to say, it’s a good look for her!
    As always, the supermodel-turned-talkshow-diva had some staggering statistics for viewers. She said that Black women account for 80 percent of hair product sales in the U.S.
    Check your
    local listings so that you can tune in today for the full discussion.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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