‘American Idol’ host turns to food

    “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest and chef Jamie Oliver’s new reality show will slim down America’s fattest cities.

    Ryan, you probably know, but unless you’re a devoted foodie, you may not be familiar with Britain’s top chef Jamie. He’s quite famous across the pond for his rustic meals (Blackberry and Apple Pie, anyone?) and his down-to-earth approach to food.

    ABC has announced that the two will star in a reality series that takes the six fattest cities (no word on which ones) and attempts to use local resources to improve the residents’ eating habits.

    And the show couldn’t come fast enough: Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, with many being obese. Extra weight can cause a battery of health problems, many of which African-Americans are particularly susceptible to. Those include diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

    The program will mirror Jamie’s U.K. school lunch project, where he pushed educators to pass new bans on junk food in schools.

    Interested in the show but not sure what to expect? We think this recipe from Jamie Oliver will get you going.

    Blackberry and Apple Pie, Food Network

    The show is set to debut later this year.







    –Christina Coleman

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