DMX released from jail

    Rapper DMX has left an Arizona jail after serving more than three months.

    DMX was released from Maricopa County Jail late Wednesday afternoon, according to He had been serving time for drug, fraud and animal cruelty charges.
    The sentence capped off a tumultuous year for X. Originally, he was only supposed to be locked up for 90 days, but his stay was extended after he allegedly assaulted a corrections officer during an argument over food.
    X’s wife, Tashera, said the incarceration has put a strain on the relationship that DMX has with his eldest son. “He’s seen his father be so much better,” she revealed during her segment on “The E! True Hollywood Story: Rapper Wives."
    While DMX was in jail, he expressed plans to start his own ministry, which would be launched by a TV show called “Pain and Perseverance.” "It’s about how I can reach people that the average person can’t reach because I’m grounded," he stated, AHH reports.
    "I’m going to give my first sermon, in the church. That’s going to be incredible for me and, hopefully, the congregation of that church,” the rapper continued. “I’ve completed my gospel album. On every one of my albums there’s been a gospel song and prayer."
    DMX was originally supposed to release a double album. One disc would have been his hip-hop comeback, Walk With Me Now; the other would have been a gospel CD called You’ll Fly With Me Later. As of now, the fate of both albums remains to be seen.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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