Replay: ‘The Game’

    We have found another reason to love YouTube thanks to TheGameFanatic, who posted the season three finale of "The Game" the day after it aired on the CW. More the 275,000 people watched the clips over the weekend.
    Mara Brock Akil gave viewers an idea of what the show would look like as an hour-long dramedy, and it was good! The songs they used in this episode were so on point with the storyline.
    Although it was a little weird to watch "The Game" without the laugh track, that didn’t bother us. We’re sure you don’t have to be cued to laugh when something is funny, and there was a lot of funny in this episode.
    Of course with a baby on the way for Derwin and Jenay and a looming divorce for Jason and Kelly, there was lots of drama, too.  But, as with any good season finale, there were unanswered questions at the end of the show, like: What’s going to happen with Rick Fox and Tasha?
    You can watch the whole episode below without all those pesky commercials.
    Part 1:
    The episode starts wth drama since Melanie is on kick to become Mrs. Davis before Jenay delivers Derwin’s son. But what happened when he goes to ask for her family’s blessing?  You know it probably didn’t go well, right?
    Oh, and if you’re wondering how Malik got a baby sister all of a sudden, you may want to watch the rest of the season to find out where she came from.

    Part 2:
    Jason got locked up for fighting in this clip. If there was ever a wrong moment to get clapped with the cuffs, this was definitely it. Anyway, Kelly thinks the incarceration might be the catalyst to a reconciliation for them.
    And mama Mack had to call in some backup when Malik’s baby sister started trippin’ at a producers house. Ladies, take note: this is why you don’t drink with people you don’t know.


    Part 3:
    Melanie must have been taking notes from “Bridezillas” this season because she was a little extra with wedding preparation.  Although when you push the wedding up a few months, maybe you need to go into overdrive.
    You know Tasha had to tell her about herself, but we don’t think Mel got the message.


    Part 4:
    Ok, first off: Who knew Kelly had a right hook like that?! Apparently, she learned a little something in all that time she spent with Tasha.
    We loved the ending. The song they matched up with Derwin’s speech at the end was perfect. But in our opinion, Melanie should have just waited to plan the wedding properly. Maybe that way she could have found a better makeup artist. Just saying!




    — Sonya Eskridge  




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