‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: May 19

    Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas
    Monday night was really Shawn’s time to shine because she was able to use her strengths in the freestyle dance.
    We were a bit curious when Shawn and Mark stepped on stage looking like a couple of blinged-out Jabbawoceez. And when the music started we were a little surprised. From the practice video and their costumes, we expected to hear some Lil Wayne or Keri Hilson.
    Once the masks came off, though, their routine exploded with energy. Shawn and Mark pulled off an amazing, precise freestyle that had a little twist of hip-hop. 

    The whole routine was pitch perfect for Shawn’s personality. It earned them a standing ovation from the audience and a score of 30 from the judges.
    Total score: 58

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