‘Frankie & Neffe’ set for summer release

    After much speculation, Frankie and Neffe are finally getting their spinoff from “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.”
    AJC.com reports that BET has set the show, titled “Frankie & Neffe,” for an August 18 debut.
    Frankie and Neffe really took the spotlight on Keyshia’s show and their on-camera antics helped make “The Way It Is” BET’s most popular original series.
    However, their new show may not feature the behavior that kept bringing viewers back for more every week. “This will show their growth and independence in their personal lives,” producer James DuBose told AJC.  
    Although “Frankie & Neffe” will highlight a different side of its stars, James said that they are still very relatable because “everyone has a Frankie and Neffe in their family.”
    Crews just finished taping last week, and the season will consist of eight 30-minute episodes.
    The show had been in limbo for a while. When we asked Keyshia about it, she said she’d only allow the show to go on if she could oversee it.  There’s no word if she’ll be getting producer credits on “Frankie & Neffe.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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