Sheree has publicist problem

    Sheree Whitfield is setting the record straight about a man that posed as her publicist during her fashion show.

    What would an event with the Atlanta housewives be without a little drama? Last week, there was a dust up with the press at Sheree’s show for She by Sheree. 
    A man named Jonathan Clardy had shown up to the event, claiming to be Sheree’s publicist. Reportedly he was very confrontational with press covering the show. We’re told he got loud with one photographer, Hyosub Shin, and the cameraman actually ended up leaving without any pictures.
    To be clear: Sheree (pictured above with her date, S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown and producer Jazze Pha) had actually hired Cherry Bañez to handle publicity for the fashion show.
    Cherry had to do some major damage control after the photographer was sent away. “I am very embarrassed and feel horribly. …I had nothing to do with how that publicist Jonathan dismissed and treated Hyosub or other journalists,” she said. “It was unfortunate.”
    However, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident for Jonathan.
    “At my fashion show, as well as several other places, Jonathan misrepresents himself as my publicist,” Sheree stated. “Jonathan was disrespectful at my event to many as well as to my event publicist.”
    According to the designer, Jonathan had offered to do some publicity work for her a few months ago. She declined because, she claims, he’s a gossip.
    “I have never entered into any contractual agreement for publicity services with [him] because I found him to be unprofessional,” she said in an e-mail, “and he shared negative, privileged information about his previous so-called clients with me.”
    Sheree admitted that Jon had been invited to the event as a guest, but it seems he may have taken the invitation as an offer letter.

    “From the time I arrived, [he] kept placing himself with me whenever the cameras were taping, or whenever I was being photographed—especially on the red carpet with Cherry,” she recalled.  “As the cameras were rolling, Jonathan kept telling me that he was working with Cherry.”
    The Atlanta housewife later found out that that was a lie, but he was never booted from the party because of his behavior. “Cherry did not want to attract attention to Jonathan’s antics which is why she did not have Jonathan removed from the premises,” she explained.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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