Michael Vick released, but not freed

    Michael Vick was released from prison today, but he’s not a free man just yet.

    ESPN.com reports that the suspended NFL player will mostly be confined to his home in Hampton, Virginia.  He’ll have to wear an electronic device that lets authorities track his location.
    Michael will be allowed to go to this full-time job as a construction worker, which pays $10 an hour. He will also be given five hours a week for other approved activities like probation meetings. But don’t expect to see him out popping bottles anytime soon because bars, restaurants and hanging out at a friend’s house are all off limits.
    "He’s going to be pretty much read the riot act: ‘If we catch you in one situation like that, it’s back to you know where,’" Ed Bales of Federal Prison Consultants told ESPN.
    The conditions of Mike’s house arrest are tailored to ease him back into life outside of prison. He’ll be released from custody on July 20, but then he has to report to a probation officer within 72 hours. That’s when he will find out the terms of his three-year probation period.
    No matter what, though, Michael can never own another dog again.  He may also have to enter a substance abuse program if his parole officer thinks it’s necessary.
    Ed said that home confinement might actually be a tougher punishment than going to a halfway house where you’re living with other people.  People in a transitional home usually get a few hours of free time after work and they get a leave of absence on the weekends.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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