‘Game’ over

    The CW has just confirmed its new fall lineup, and “The Game” did not make the cut.

    Despite a successful campaign for one million signatures and thousands of fans rallying behind the show, “The Game” has been cancelled.
    Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, show creator Mara Brock Akil tried to re-pitch the show as a one-hour dramedy to CW execs. The season finale of “The Game” was an example of the format change, and unfortunately, it also proved to serve as a series finale.  If you missed it, we posted the whole episode here.
    Saavy fans began worrying about the future of the show when it was moved from Sundays to Fridays, which is typically regarded as a ratings pit. Many have noted that this is a move networks will make when they’re trying to get rid of a show.
    “The Game” had originally been introduced as a special episode of “Girlfriends” just before UPN and WB formed the CW. In its last season the sitcom had taken a more dramatic turn, so the proposed format makeover would have made sense.
    According to Variety, the CW is making way for three new shows, “Melrose Place,”  “Vampire Diaries,” and “The Beautiful Life.”  The network has also done away with its Sunday night lineup.
    Here’s the CW’s fall schedule:

    8 p.m. –"Gossip Girl"
    9 p.m. – "One Tree Hill"

    8 p.m. –"90210"
    9 p.m. – "Melrose Place"

    8 p.m. – "America’s Next Top Model"
    9 p.m. – "The Beautiful Life"

    8 p.m. –"Vampire Diaries"
    9 p.m. –"Supernatural"

    8 p.m. – "Smallville"
    9 p.m. –"America’s Next Top Model"



    – Sonya Eskridge




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