Swizz Beatz: ‘Shut up, Mashonda’

    Swizz Beatz must not like people getting in his business, especially when it comes to the divorce from his estranged wife, Mashonda.
    The New York Post reports that the producer wants to seal the court proceedings in the case.  He’s also asked a Manhattan Superior Court judge to issue a gag order in the divorce.
    This news comes just days after Swizz finally admitted to being in a romantic relationship with Alicia Keys. Mashonda’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, is giving Swizz the side-eye about this decision.
    He noted that Mashonda’s suit and request for child support has been "flying under the radar until [Swizz] and [Alicia] went public about their long-term affair.”
    Swizz recently appeared on a remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” and the song spoke about a party that Alicia through for Swizz at the Guggenheim.  It also implied that his new girl had cooked him breakfast “naked wearing nothing on but a necklace.”
    Since the new couple has come out of the closet, Bernard said that Swizz’s request to keep divorce proceedings private is a “curious” move.
    “Now that [Swizz’s] questionable conduct is being scrutinized he suddenly wants a gag order and the media to be locked out,” Bernard told the Post.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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