Tweety gets ‘Too Close’ to his ex

    A woman in the San Fernando Valley has taken out a restraining order against a member of Next.
    According to, Nikki Giavasis got the order on May 11 against Raphael Shawan Brown (aka Tweety from Next) from the court.
    Nikki said that Raphael was arrested last week on an outstanding warrant after he tried sneaking into her gated community. She claims that even though she and Tweety split up a year ago, he had continued to harass her.  Allegedly, he broke into her home and stole a $700 pair of shoes and a $1,000 purse.
    The woman also claims that she lent Next $300,000.  Reportedly, when Tweety wrote a check to pay her back, he wrote “From God” on the memo line, and it bounced because he didn’t have enough money to cover it.



    – Sonya Eskridge


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