We’ll miss ‘The Game”s fly sets

    One of the last Black comedies said it’s good-byes last week. And while we’ll miss the great characters, the laughter and the drama, we’re also mourning the beautiful set design.

    Here are our picks for "The Game"-inspired furniture:

    Tasha Mack‘s cool whites and warm reds were the perfect match for her personality: biting and sharp, but decidedly soft when it came to her boy (Malik) and her girls (Mel and Kelly). We could totally see her falling for these cute decorations.




    Derwin Davis‘ pad was also indicative of his character. It was a little small with nice pieces that were stylish with a youthful flair. The base tones were cream, khaki, warm orange and black. If you’re looking to decorate like a baller, try these out.




    Trey Wiggs, Melanie’s friend from college, rolled back into her life and brought drama, but his bedroom belies this. It’s clean, understated and un-cluttered with the red striped curtains (used as canopy curtains) taking center stage.





    –Whitney Teal


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