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    Summer movie season is here and it seems like there’s a huge new flick in the theaters every week.  With so many to choose from, you and your friends may have to go with the movie that best suits your moods.
    Mood: Silly
    Dance Flick
    Funny runs in the family for the Wayanses, and the new generation wants to prove it with Dance Flick. It’s written and directed by Damien Wayans and stars Damon Wayans Jr. The move also features familiar faces like Essence Atkins and David Alan Grier, but this movie is still a true family affair. Shawn Wayan’s going to be Baby Daddy (yes, that’s really his name), Marlon is playing Mr. Moody and Keenen will be Mr. Stache. Personally, we’re waiting to see what Kim Wayans will do as Ms. Dontwannabebothered.
    Dance Flick follows the famous format of spoofing all your favorite dance movies, but it leans hard on Save the Last Dance.  Megan White (played by Shoshana Bush) and Thomas Uncles  (Damon Jr.) come from two different worlds, but that doesn’t stop them from teaming up to compete in the mother of all dance battles. While they’re learning to bump and grind like the pros, they develop a relationship. Can their love last against all odds?
    Oh, yeah and Dance Flick packed with all the dirty jokes and pop culture references you’ve come to expect from the famously funny fam.
    Mood: Tough
    Terminator: Salvation
    Christian Bale stars as John Connor in Terminator: Salvation. He’s leading the rebellion against the machines that seek to destroy the human race. Although you don’t see too much of him in the trailer, Common is starring the movie too.  He’ll be playing a resistance fighter named Barnes. It looks like he’ll be getting militant for a new reason now, and you know you’ll want to see the movie just for that.
    What conspiracy theorists and the Wachowski brothers have been telling us for years has finally come true: The machines have taken over. They’ve scorched the Earth, leaving it nothing more than a nuclear wasteland. Somehow, humans have managed to survive.  Now, a band of rebels is fighting back against the mechanical menace before it annihilates mankind.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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