Beyoncé ‘beaters abound

    Beyoncé is an interesting study in fashion: You’ll rarely catch her in anything that’s tight all over, or super bright, or patterned in a crazy way, unless she’s on-stage. Her dress is almost always fitted jeans, high, high heels and a wifebeater or white tee with a piece of outerwear (vest, jacket). We took two of her recent looks and found affordable look-alikes:

    With hubby Jay-Z in Spain, Bey went for the summer version of her uniform, swapping out the shapely jeans for short shorts. A studded Balmain vest and a long chain with a diamond-encrusted "B" gave the casual look a little star power.

















    In London, she again went for the French designer Balmain with this cream, big-shouldered blazer. Her trusty white wifebeater, super-tight denim and insanely high heels were also present.















    – Whitney Teal



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