Get Eva Marcille’s guns

    Eva Marcille is fierce, no questions about that. But beyond her model stance and killer clothes, check out the budding actress’ shoulders and guns?! We’ve been on a quest to figure out how to get a lean and toned upper body, and here’s what we found:


    It’s in the cardio: Yes, you’re trying to get our arms and shoulders right, but cardiovascular exercise helps to get rid of excess body fat that covers up those great muscles. Plus, a lot of cardio contributes to the lean muscle mass that you’re trying to build, like swimming or boxing.


    Get your weight up: Three to five pound dumbbells are essential to all of your buff shoulder plans. Take those weights and work out your upper body every other day for maximum results (a day to rest in between is important to maximize results). There are tons of exercises you can do, like these
    Bent Over Lateral Raises from FitSugar, an Upright Row from and plain old push-ups (gym class-style). Self magazine also came up with a great workout to follow to get the arms of your dreams:





    Sit up straight: Working out doesn’t transform your body overnight. In fact, most experts agree that it’ll be about six weeks before you start to see any noticeable results. To instantly feel more long, lean and gazelle-like, play around with your posture. Sitting at a desk all day, leaning over a computer, driving and all of the other things you do can give you a slight slouch or hunch. Take steps to correct your posture and you’ll feel way more confident in your strapless summer stuff.

    And if you’re also coveting the kitschy, hot-mama cleaner ensemble Eva dons in the photo, get the look with these pieces:



    –Whitney Teal

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