Rihanna, Chrisette and Halle do short ‘dos

    Pixie cuts and summer just go together. See Halle Berry, who gradually chopped off her locks until she had a straight, jet-black closely cropped ‘do. Rihanna and Chrisette wear their short cuts year-round, but they look especially great with shoulder-bearing summer styles.

    If you’re contemplating taking it all off, here are some things to consider:

    Get inspired: Not all pixies are created equal: some are longer in the front, like Rihanna’s, some are spikier in the front; some even have a slight tail at the nape, like Chrisette’s. Flip through a few hair magazines and figure out which style will look best on your face shape before getting anything done.

    Find the right man (or woman) for the job: It’s super important to find someone that you feel comfortable with to do the deed. The best stylists are often found through referral, so don’t be shy about sending out a mass email to friends and fam asking if they know someone with a fly haircut, or about walking up to a sister in the mall and inquiring who keeps her pixie fresh.

    Show off your face: This style pushes your eyes, nose and cheeks into the spotlight, so prep for the transition by making sure your skin is right.

    If you don’t already, start applying a moisturizer with SPF to promote soft skin and reduce the risk of dark spots. We like Iman’s All Day Moisturizer Complex SPF 15 ($14.99, Ulta)

    It’s a little high-maintenance. Yep, we said it. To keep a short style like this neat, you’ll have to visit your hair stylist frequently, or learn to be mean with the scissors at home. Because you only have a few inches of hair, every few months the hair can nearly double in length, so you really have to stay on top of it.


    Gel it down: Speaking of maintenance, investing in a great, flake-free gel for the sides and nape of your hairline is important. We like Let’s Jam products. They’re inexpensive, alcohol-free and great for all hair textures.





    — Whitney Teal


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