McDonald’s and Wendy’s rethinking eggs

    Much has been made over the humane treatment of farm animals in recent years, and fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s haven’t missed the info.

    Mickey D’s recently announced that it is considering using cage-free eggs for its U.S. restaurants, reports the Guardian. The very next day, Wendy’s reported that they would now get two percent of their eggs from cage-free hens. Cage-free eggs come from chickens that are raised in more humane conditions than traditional eggs, and are considered to be more environmentally friendly.

    The Humane Society, an organization that confronts animal cruelty, called their decisions "a modest but meaningful step in the right direction."

    Burger King, Quizno’s, Hardee’s and Denny’s have already made the switch to cage-free eggs, which has brought the two companies under fire for their silence on the issue.

    — Whitney Teal

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