Black Harvard student linked to murder: ‘I am being singled out’

    Chanequa Campbell, a senior at Harvard University, has been tied to the murder of a local Cambridge, Massachusetts drug dealer, Justin Cosby, by school officials, and is currently ineligible for graduation because of it, The Boston Globe reports. But she said that she’s innocent. She spoke with the paper, which is just miles from her school, about the allegations.

    Chanequa was all scheduled to graduate on June 4 until Justin’s murder last week. She told the Globe that she didn’t know Justin, even though she is friends with the girlfriend of his alleged killer, Jordan Copney. Jordan, Chanequa and Jordan’s girl are all Harvard students from New York and were residing on-campus at the time of the murder, which took place in Kirkland House dorm, where Chanequa lives.

    Gerard Leone Jr., the district attorney of Middlesex County, which includes the town of Cambridge, said that Justin was selling marijuana to Harvard kids, and that someone gave him a Harvard access card to get into Chanequa’s dorm. Gerard stated last week that two of the school’s female students linked Justin to Jordan, but did not list names.

    "I have no knowledge of anything that happened, none whatsoever," Chanequa said.

    Chanequa is a 21-year-old honors student from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and said that her family might not be able to see her realize their dream of watching her walk across the stage in a Harvard gown. She doesn’t specifically state that her race was a factor in the decision, but she said, "I do believe I am being singled out. . . . The honest answer to that is that I’m Black and I’m poor and I’m from New York and I walk a certain way and I keep my clothes a certain way." Chanequa continued with, "It’s something that labels me as different from everyone else."

    Harvard University declined to comment, but offered, "We do not comment on student circumstances."

    Among Chanequa’s honors are scholarships from The New York Times and Coca-Cola, and membership in the National Honor Society. The Globe asked her if she sold weed to University students before Justin was shot and she said, "No."


    –Whitney Teal


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