Tia Kemp’s revenge

    Tia Kemp said she wrote her tell-all book about life with Rick Ross purely for revenge.
    She’s been leaking bits of Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap, which will be released by 50 Cent’s publishing house, for a few weeks now.

    Tia’s Diary details her rocky relationship with Rick and the child support battle they’re currently embroiled in. Tia is the mother of Rick’s son, William III.

    When asked what motivated her to put pen to paper, she had one very clear answer.
    ,” Tia admitted to MTV News. "Who’s to say that this is going to be a success for me?" 
    When the reporter told her that revenge isn’t exactly the best (or nicest) reason to write a tell-all, Tia just shrugged it off and continued defending her stance.
    “Sometimes you have to do it,” she explained. “Because people can do things to you…but when the day comes that it’s too much to hold in, you gotta let it out.”
    And Tia’s not a bit concerned about what releasing Tia’s Diary might do to her reputation, either. “I could care less how it makes me look.  It doesn’t matter,” she said.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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