Mo’Nique loses weight for a ‘lifetime’

    Our favorite funny phat girl, Mo’Nique, has been shedding pounds, but what made her hit the gym?

    The comedienne told Jet magazine that a conversation with her husband, Sidney Hicks, motivated her to lose nearly 40 pounds.
    “It was so gentle and sweet, and he wasn’t judgmental. He said, ‘Baby, that’s too much and I want you for a lifetime,’" Mo explained. "I decided that I had to get some of that off of me." She said her three kids were also a big part of her decision to get fit because she wants to be around to see them grow up.
    Contrary to speculation, Mo’Nique didn’t go under the knife to whittle down her frame. She did it the right way: hard work, diet and exercise.
    “This was truly making the commitment to watch what I eat and commit to working out,” she said. “I stopped eating red meat. I want to say to big people, ‘Let’s be healthy big people.’ Everybody can’t be a size 0 or 45, but let’s be healthy.’”
    Mo said she’s currently down to a voluptuous 224 pounds, but she eventually hopes to make it down to 200.  That’s not bad considering she once tipped the scales at 262 pounds.
    Work it out, Mo’Nique!



    – Sonya Eskridge




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