Beyoncé inspires single ladies…and gents


    “Single Ladies” was Beyoncé’s breakout hit of 2008. When the music video came out, folks couldn’t learn the steps fast enough.

    Young ladies can be single, too
    This clip has “high school talent show” written all over it, but at least the girls kept it PG with their jeans and white shirts.  The group is called Lady Essence and, as you can hear in the background, the crowd was loving it. Get it, ladies!



    As one little girl proves in the clip below, you’re never too young to follow in Bey’s footsteps. From the looks of it, she’s just about got the moves down…in her own way.



    “Single Ladies” around the globe
    One hundred single women came together in London’s Piccadilly Circus to perform their version of the song. These ladies were so spot on, they even took the time to shoot it in black and white.



    Out in India, there was a different spin on the song, complete with Auto-Tune and new lyrics.



    Back here in the U.S., a group of big girls wanted to make sure they weren’t left out of Sasha’s “Single” movement.




    Guys get it like Beyoncé
    Of course, “Single Ladies” wasn’t just an anthem for the ladies. Guys were getting in on the act, too! We just wish this first dude would have chosen a different costume: Black spandex is not for everybody!



    The guys in this next clip really took time with their presentation. They had the dance down pat and their style was so on it.



    Still, our favorite single man dancing to “Single Ladies” is Shane Mercado. He almost put Sasha to shame!



    Famously single
    Even Barack Obama had to put his presidential swagger on Bey’s track.  Okay, so it’s really not the president, but this is still a great spoof.


    In case you missed you it, even the celebs on ABC’s "Dancing With The Stars" had to shake their tail feathers to the tune. But first, a warning: Be prepared for hairy men in black leotards.


    And now the Jonas Brothers have even gotten in on the act. This one had us dying! It seems that the band has been letting their fans make some special requests lately, and this is the result. We’re giving Joe Jonas a gold star for being a good sport (and for wearing heels!), but he could have at least learned the words and choreography.



    — Sonya Eskridge, Nadia Rodriguez





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