Golden Brooks put on mommy watch

    Is Golden Brooks going to have a baby?

    Sources close to the former “Girlfriends” star have said that she could be pregnant, reports. Golden has also been spotted a couple times with what looks like a noticeable baby bump.
    But what about the prospective papa? Well, there is speculation that it could be one of two men: ex-boyfriend Markus Molinari or “24” star D.B. Woodside. Markus and Golden broke up after a long-term relationship, and there have been whispers that she is now with D.B.
    Golden met her maybe man while they were shooting My Place In The Horror last December; rumor has it that they’ve been coupled up ever since. The two were also sighted together at the Sundance Film Festival in January.
    The actress hasn’t come out and confirmed that she’s with child, so we’re keeping an eye on her possibly burgeoning belly.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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