How you doin’, BET?

    “The Wendy Williams Show” is going national, but if your local FOX affiliate doesn’t carry it, BET has your back.
 reports that BET has picked up the talk show. Thankfully, the network will be keeping things current by running shows on the same dates as the local stations.
    We can all thank BET exec Barbara Zanieri for negotiating the deal to bring Wendy to network TV, so we can get our daily dose of dish.
    “After two solid quarters of growth at BET, we’re thrilled that ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ will be joining our line-up in July to strengthen the network’s momentum,” she said in a press release.
    Wendy will gab about any and everything during the hour-long show, which will air during daytime and early afternoon schedules in syndication. BET still hasn’t announced what time slot “The Wendy Williams Show” will take up on its network. We’re just hoping they’ll air the show in the evenings.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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