Celeb BFFs: New couples alert!

    We all know that celebs get and ditch boyfriends and girlfriends like crazy, but they’ve also started to apply their quick-to-hookup strategy to friends. We’ve seen lots of new BFF (best friends forever) couplings around Tinseltown. Here’s the scoop: 

    Ciara and Kim Kardashian first started to appear in public together back in May, when we spotted them at the Hennessey Black launch party. Now, Kim is blogging about her new buddy and went to see Ciara (and Britney Spears) in concert recently.




    Brandy and Kelly Rowland are new best friends, according to YBF. Brandy even tweeted, "On the phone with @kelly_rowland..I am so blessed to have her back inmy life:)" How sweet is that? We’re just happy to see that Kelly has good friends, even after leaving the Knowles crew.











    Nas and Maxwell seem like a really odd pair. Nas is a sometimes-conscious rapper going through a bitter divorce while Maxwell is a soulful R&B singer prepping for a career comeback. So, when pics of the two lighting up and, umm, enjoying women in a hotel room surfaced, we were a little confused. But we still hope to see more of the new friend couple soon.








    Solange Knowles and LaLa Vasquez have been getting pretty chummy lately, if Twitter is any indication. Last weekend, Solange twittered that the two women and their sons (Solange’s son Daniel is 5 and LaLa’s son Kiyan is 2) had a play date, then the two went on a double date with Carmelo Anthony and Solange’s mystery man. And after that, The Vasquez-Anthony family even let Daniel sleep over so that Solange could get some much-needed Mommy me-time. And get this: Kiyan calls Solange "Auntie Solo." Cute, huh?








    Chris Brown and Bow Wow, Mario, Pleasure P, etc. must be trying to form the Black version of the Rat Pack. The singer made a YouTube video with Bow Wow lingering in the background, was seen at a pool party with Mario (where the two had a push-up contest that Mario won) and was spotted partying with both Bow Wow and Pleasure P. For a kid with serious legal troubles, he gets around on the friend circuit.


    Kelis and actress Dania Ramirez are long-time BFFs for good reason: both have Latin roots, made it big at young ages and are (or were) married to guys in the hip-hop industry (Dania’s husband is former rap video director Jessy Terrero). They stepped out together a few days ago to party in New York and we were happy to see that Kelis still has her friend to lean on during the divorce.




    What other Celeb BFF couples have you spotted?


    — Whitney Teal

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